Why Ayurveda


You feel good when you rest deep within, keeping your mind calm and clear, paying attention to your body, not ignoring its needs and your life forces (Doshas) are balanced.

To achieve that state, it is important to recognize who you really are and intuitively experience genuine needs of your body and mind. Ayurveda developed a great model to help you better understand your needs.

According to Ayurveda, the 5 elements form the 3 life forces (Doshas)- Vata, Pitta and Kapha – determine your mental and physical health. Every human being is thereby formed as unique individual. After determining your constitution, it will be easier for you to distinguish between hindrances and elements beneficial for your well-being, because everything that affects you influences Doshas and therefore your well-being based on Doshas’ balance and harmony.

To the Being of Ayurveda

"As the heat to the fire, liquidity to water,
so is Ayurveda inherent to human."
Charaka Samhita

Balancing your life forces

We will help you determine your constitution, find the right products and lifestyle uniquely suited for you either by consultation or tests, because our heart’s desire is to help you feel good.

We will show you which foods and products are suitable for your constitution and which should be entirely avoided or seldomly and more cautiously consumed in order to balance the Doshas.

It is fascinating how Ayurveda brings light into the darkness of nutritionists’ advice, explaining why certain diets, such as Raw food, work well with certain types of constitution, but less so with others.

Just as nutrition and herbal products influence the Doshas through the use of special phytochemicals and flavors, so is the skin inferior? (susceptible?) to the balance of the Doshas, requiring conscious, natural care with high-quality raw materials.


Organic quality you can
rely on

We use only the best raw materials in production. We place great importance not only on the quality of raw materials but on production environment and fair-trade.

Our quality guarantee

What differentiates us from other manufacturers of ayurvedic products? What makes COSMOVEDA products unique?

Certified organic quality right from the start.

Our company was founded over 15 years ago with intention to grow our raw material compliant with highest standards of organic. In contrast, other manufacturers of ayurvedic products implemente strict BIO standards and certifications very late in the process and mostly only partially.

Complete quality control from the raw material to the finished product.

We only process our own products under strict quality criteria.

Our raw materials are subject to extensive controls, originating mainly from our own organic farming and fair-trade projects. Both raw materials and finished products are tested by independent laboratories and subjected to regular inspections by authorized governmental institutions. Internal quality assurance monitors HACCP quality and risk management concepts, production processes and production standards.

Only safe, high quality ayurvedic products deserving of that name.

Our products follow Ayurvedic principles in purity, quality and composition. Therefore, our products undergo wide variety of sensory and analytical testing to guarantee consistent and uncompromising quality.

Immerse in new lifestyle, tailored to your needs, for well-being, vitality and quality of life – carefree, joyful and relaxed.

COSMOVEDA stands for the best quality you can count on.

Günther Eckerle, Managing Director
Dr. Claudia Waniek, Quality Management

Food Safety System Certification
is modeled after the example of our subsidiary Cosmoveda Ceylon Pvt Ltd

(pdf-file, 840 KB)

BIO standards set by the European Union define legal framework for the production and processing of raw materials and ready-to-use products with intention to guarantee natural, chemical and environmental toxins residue-free life and dietary supplements.



Our corporate philosophy can be aptly described in three words:




A strong team

Our employees share our vision of better future

COSMOVEDA is among the world’s leading manufacturers of ayurvedic organic products. 40 employees in Germany and 150 employees in Sri Lanka complacently work to provide you with exquisite products and participate in our mission of bringing about good and fulfilling life.

We believe that sustainable future can only be achieved through environmental protection, organic farming, alternative energy, alternative medicine, equitable distribution and personal development.

„After completing my studies of food chemistry in Munich in the mid-nineties, I opened specialized organic store and began developing products under the COSMOVEDA brand, inspired by travels to Asia, India and Sri Lanka. The beginning was challenging because at the time only few organic quality raw materials were available. I did not want to import products containing heavy metals and pesticides from India, so I started building my own production.“
Günther Eckerle

COSMOVEDA became the first certified organic Ayurveda brand worldwide. Modern, international and urban look of the brand merges the ancient philosophy and practice of Ayurveda with timeless insights, summarizing the brand’s values as „Fair, Organic & Pure“.

Today COSMOVEDA is an international production company headquartered in Berlin. Almost 200 employees in Germany, Sri Lanka and India work daily to export wide range of organic ayurvedic products – food, wellness and cosmetics – to more than 30 countries.


Our commitment

to a better, sustainable future

Lotus Life Foundation

The Foundation for Environmental Protection, Alternative Medicine and Sustainable Development Aid

Life Projects

Worldwide biotech and fair-trade projects assisting farmers in securing their income while protecting nature

Life Campus

A joint project for peaceful coexistence and personal growth