Become an investor


If you would like to support our projects and give money to good causes, you are cordially invited to become part of the Cosmoveda Community.

We will gladly provide all further information. Please e-mail us at We will contact you immediately.

Even a small investment in Cosmoveda offers many advantages:

  • You will receive a free Lotus Life membership as a bonus.
  • You will receive a 20% discount on training, seminars and consultations.
  • You will receive our project newsletter.
  • You can actively contribute by advising, suggesting and participating in planning.
  • You will get a supply guarantee for times of crisis. You can also exchange capital for raw materials and staples at any time.
  • You will receive a fair return on the borrowed capital.

We cannot fulfill wishes for rapid capital growth and profitable trading of company shares, since these ideas do not correspond with our conception of a fulfilling and meaningful existence.

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