Three grain bread

This is very rich bread. It is made not only of spelt, the favorite grain of St. Hildegard von Bingen, and rye, a bread grain par excellence, but especially the oats and other ingredients.

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Pumpkin bread

Pumpkins in all its varieties, colors and shapes are the autumn staple, inviting us by hundreds of delicious preparation variations.

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Simply be happy
You do not find happiness by seeking it, but by allowing it to find you.
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About Nutrition
To the one who feeds badly, no medicine helps. To those who eat healthily, medicine become superfluous. Charaka Samhita
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The false „I“
It is the false "I" that becomes angry and that is exactly what you have to drop. If you can do that you will be transformed from a buddhu (fool) into a Buddha (enlightened one).
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Cooking Course with Volker Mehl „Ayurveda for Beginners“

For existing and future lovers of the wonderful ayurvedic cuisine, the cooking classes with Volker Mehl are a must! What is the essence of ​​Ayurveda and how can be integrated into your everyday life? Volker’s course will address all these questions in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere!

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The great Ayurveda Cookbook

Depending on the constitution and lifestyle, each person needs individually tailored diet. Result of that practice will be all around wellbeing.

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